is the official website of Taurus International Pvt Ltd which is one of few best Cocopeat and coir manufactures and exporters in Sri Lanka.  We provide high quality Cocopeat, coir and coconut products with a really good price for Importers, at the same time we can customize the products, its quality, quantity, packaging and labeling in order to meet your need exactly.  Our Products and our customized service has helped many importers to succeed in their businesses for over ten years, Now we like to invite you to become a part of that set of successful importers by joining us. Read More

We have been in this industry for about 10 years and Our Buyers are really satisfied and stay with us doing business because of three strong reasons mentioned below.Click below to know how they will help you in your business


Coco peat (cocopeat), also known as coir pith, coir fiber pith, coir dust, or simply coir, is a byproduct gained during extraction of Coir fiber from coconut husk. Coir dust composted or old mulched dust is collected-screened-dried before making into bale or small block with various granularity and denseness, which are then used for horticultural and agricultural applications and as industrial absorbent Read More


  Coco Husk Chips help fertilizer in giving its full efficiency in any soil and in any weather condition. Coco Chips are free from weeds, prevents insects & harmful fungi. Husk chips are one of the best soil conditioners found in the grow world Read More
  It is a natural, unique, spongy cellulose organic plant growing media usable in landscaping, horticulture, nurseries, hydro seed spraying and soil conditioning in golf course setting Read More

Coir fibers are found between the husk and the outer shell of a coconut. The individual fiber cells are narrow and hollow Read More


Coconut refers to the seed of the coconut palm. Coconut has verity of uses; some of them are as follows Read More


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