We are a well established Cocopeat and coir manufacturing   and exporting company in Sri Lanka with a strong client tale including Cocopeat and coir importers from USA, UK, Australia and Canada etc… Most of our happy clients have selected us over many other Cocopeat exporters because of few strong reasons; those reasons are the unmatchable three benefits that we offer to our clients, namely Competitive Price, High Quality and our customizing ability.
  We offer very strong benefits to our clients for them to succeed in thier business. We really know if they succeed only we can succeed in this business.Following are the benefits we are ready to offer you to succeed. Click here to know more

We are a manufacture not just a trader

 We are always committed to give our clients really good price for them to succeed in their business and we have been really successful in offering our clients good price as we manufacture in our own factory located in Pannala , Sri Lanka as well as export you without additional cost for intermediaries.

We produce 40 % raw material requirements for our production

To give a good price for our importers, it is very helpful that we produce raw material for our production. Up to now, we could produce 40% of raw materials required for our production. Additionally it gave us more ability on the raw material quality control.

Our Flat organizational structure helps to minimize the over head cost
We are a family managed company with a flat organizational structure. It helps us to minimize unnecessary administrative overhead cost   for middle management, consequently it enable us to give you better price than many exporters with huge middle level staff.


We have many years of experience in exporting to many countries which require high quality standards

We have been in Cocopeat and coir business for many years as a manufacturer and exporter, we know how much quality matters when   exporting to some countries which require high quality standards, we have vast experience in successfully meeting quality requirements of those countries, Do not ever doubt on quality of our products, we offer you Cocopeat and coir with right quality to meet your requirements exactly.

We are always really concerned about our raw material quality and production quality

Having our own production facility and producing raw materials by ourselves always enable us to maintain high quality level for our products. You never need to worry about the quality as we have provided the exact quality level that you request us to prove you.

  We are capable and ready to customize the product, its quality, packaging and quantity to meet your requirement exactly

We as a manufacture got the ability to customize the product to meet your requirement exactly, you may need different sizes, different qualities different packaging, we are ready to do it on behalf you.

 We get subcontracts to produce Cocopeat products and do private labeling.

We are pleased let you know that we get subcontracts to produce Cocopeat products for leading Cocopeat exporters In the industry, we provide them highly customized service by producing products and as they require and do private labeling and packaging as they request, this is another good reason why you should us if you are looking for such customized production or service.

We have huge raw material stock to meet you requirements anytime and we can meet both big quantity requirement as well as small quantity requirements

We manage big raw material stock to meet big Cocopeat quantity requirement by our clients at any time. At the same time, we never forget small scale importers who need to import in small quantities, we are ready to meet their requirement as well. 




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