What is coco peat/coir fibre?
This raw material, Cocopeat, also known as coir is derived from of coconuts husk. It is used as an ingredient to make potting mix products used in the nursery and garden industry.

Coco Peat makes an excellent growing medium for hydroponics, soil mixes, and container plant growing. This clean coir has natural rooting hormones and anti-fungal properties. It is a 100% organic product. Following are some facts about cocopeat

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What the differences are between washed, unwashed and buffered cocopeat?
Coconuts usually grow in areas where the subsoil is high in salts. This means that Cocos nucifera can easily absorb chemical elements such as potassium, sodium and chloride without being negatively affected (contrary to most plants cultivated in the horticultural sector).

These salts are present in the whole plant and it is therefore a minimum requirement to wash the part of the plant we use to bring the E.C. level down to an acceptable level. If we didn’t do this, the grower would have to wash the cocopeat, because apart from sodium and chloride there would be too much potassium present. Potassium is an antagonist for calcium and magnesium.

How quickly does cocopeat break down?
Because cocopeat is natural, it is completely biodegradable. However, it retains its structure and absorbency for several years after planting, which means that the same coir can and is frequently used for several years. After use, it can be added to the ground as a soil conditioner without any adverse implications for the environment.

Can cocopeat be re-used?
As long as there is no contamination, cocopeat can be re-used for several crop cycles, depending on the plant requirements and the grower’s needs and preferences. It is recommend to flushe the coir between cycles.

Does cocopeat hold nutrients?
Cocopeat has excellent absorbent properties, meaning that it can hold nutrients very well, and release them to the plant over a prolonged period. We supply coir in its natural form with no nutrients added (except the buffered products).




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